Tile Selections and Installation Services


Fisher Tile in Sarasota, FL, offers a diverse selection of tiles from the industry’s well-known manufacturers.



Fisher Tile in Sarasota, FL, offers many tile options for every project.

Whatever your wants or needs may be, you are sure to find it in our store!

Our showroom samples a variety of porcelain tile, glass tile, mosaics, and luxury vinyl.

Our friendly and courteous staff is on hand to answer any questions and provide recommendations on what product will work best for your project. Each of our staff members is extremely knowledgeable about every product and can help you make the best decision for your situation. We will help you match the perfect tile to your décor, whatever your personal taste and preferences.

We treat all of our customers with the respect and undivided attention they deserve! We stand behind our products, services, and our reputation.

Fisher Tile, Inc.


"We moved from Scottsdale, Arizona to Sarasota, Florida on August 26th 2019. We had purchased a home needing a complete makeover and we only had about 8 weeks to get it done. We first found a cabinet company for kitchen and baths but most importantly we needed a great floor guy because all the floors needed to be redone.

If the floors lagged getting done then we would be in big trouble.....We stopped at Fisher Tile and Stone (1st stop and last) when I met Bob Eisen and chatted with him for a few minutes, I knew immediately I had found the right company to meet my schedule. But it doesn't stop there, Bob and Erin helped us select the right tile for our home and assured us they could have it and start when we needed AND get it done on time.

Well, they never dropped the ball! Not only did they finish timely but the workmanship is truly outstanding! I had told Bob that I had the best tile guy ever in Scottsdale and he replied that when his crew finished I would have a new number one WELL he was right, I would strongly recommend Fisher Tile to anyone anytime."

-Gerald P.